About Leaf Pair Ltd.

Leaf Pair Ltd. is registered in England as company number 08010004 and has started business in September 2014.

We are currently a one-man business. We're new, but our man has about a decade of experience providing services on contract basis.

Christian Jaeger, owner

I have been using Perl since 1998. 1999-2006 I've been creating or leading the creation of several mid-sized web applications and content management systems written in Perl, and Perl is still one of my two most-used programming languages today. Since 2001 I have been working self-employed most of my time.

In 2006 I started using Scheme for some of my projects. It is now my language of choice for writing new code that doesn't depend heavily on libraries and when I'm free to choose the technology. I'm also trying to stay current about what other programming languages are appearing and what design choices they are making. I'm especially interested and somewhat fluent in Haskell. I'll learn to use Idris and Isabelle or Coq once I find the time.

I'm also using C quite a lot for lower-level parts of programs when appropriate. I've written XS modules, and have embedded Perl in a Scheme system. I have also developed productive programs in assembly (6510/C-128), Basic, Modula-2, and Bash.

Languages that I'm not productive in but easily pursuaded to invest time into becoming better with are Ocaml, Erlang, Clojure, Lua, JavaScript and Julia.

I have implemented web applications, networking servers, system administration infrastructure, graphical user interfaces, and even the odd small database engine for an in-memory database with SQL-inspired query language. I also have some experience with electronics and microcontrollers.

I'm a member of London.pm and various groups on meetup.com. I participate in discussions on Hacker News, and publish my Open Source contributions on my Github account. Occasionally I'm working on my personal website.

My contact information is shown on the contact page.