We are offering Perl and Scheme development and support.

We also know how to work with many other technologies in the Open Source world, with a special focus on functional programming.

We can help with:

  • Implementing new features. We can do this in Perl or other languages where appropriate.

  • Tracking down and fixing problems. We know how to trace problems and know the intricate corners of Perl. We also know some of the commonly used protocols in detail.

  • Writing tests. Writing tests in new code or when fixing problems is second nature to us. We're also used to do rule (property) based randomized testing.

  • Improving the structure of existing code. We have been developing in Perl for a long time, but also worked in other languages. The experience that we have gained while implementing high-level abstractions using Scheme may help us see how to structure programs well even in more traditional programming languages. We are also interested in the topic of code translation and might be able to work out an automatic translator from or to Perl.

We have experience working with databases and running production servers on Linux.

We like learning programming languages. If your project involves working with a language that we're not proficient in yet, we may be willing to invest into getting up to speed during a time period with lowered rates. Ask us about it.